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Fake Fendi Belt Once you break the bottom


namely unemployment phenomenon is increasingly serious, graduation, Sir Zhong  is a chick for earned income of a good job; Third is the influence of the social  evils. In today's society, this kind of phenomenon is quite common, already  deeply into every corner of the society, the campus, was already not the ivory  tower, Fake Fendi Belt Once you break  the bottom line of the audience, the audience can abandon you, and no mercy, let  your line of sight from the audience, let you never recover, because after you  go, I don't know how many amusing comedian in waiting.
  Third, the comedian viewpoint of the rule of law is weak. Guo degang you  with what public land grabs, celebrity is great are you? Do you have something?  In Replica Belts, everyone must act within the bounds of the law, how much more  you just an artist, you don't have the power to turn things around, you must  apply the law, because he does not read many books, and in the network and the  media hype red moment, when the thought is superior, must not know, then the  master must also be within the law to play games.
 Four is the comedian don't understand the hidden rules of arm twisting but  the thigh. These famous comedian, must rely on the Internet or the media,  leaving the network and the media, and great comedian, is between artists and  awareness will not very high, so the comedian to want to be famous or well known  for a long time, needs good relations, and the network and the media in today's  people are becoming more and more inseparable from the network and the media, to  want to be famous or famous comedian for a long time, you can't offend network  and media, otherwise, you don't have good fruit to eat, because the network and  media call you red you, call you black shadow from now on, say you work is  popular, is popular, say you work is vulgar, I'm sorry, your work has been  rolled away, because your work is not suitable for the requirements of Replica  Belts's socialist spiritual civilization construction, will comprehensively kill  you, you from now on not the market, you go alone happy.
 Guo degang, are you still fighting with television, reporter  stroppy, and your arm is still small. The so-called Devon community to shutter  its operations for this time, guo degang, perhaps is aware of it. More than just  his personal opinion, what is wrong, please readers criticism, if so we have  sinned against four comedian also burke, please!
  Famous director feng xiaogang said Replica Belts has not master, the  entertainment industry is a ****, John woo also said a few days ago not to  master, and said that the master was very lonely, the Belt Replica film still  need to try to find a higher realm. More than two directors are famous  contemporary Replica Belts masters said, why is this? Does Replica Belts really  didn't have a master? Tintin, consider two directors actually have this kind of  view is very profound truth, why are they revealed the current directors have no  master. First of all, the master's character is not light with fame and can  become the master.


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