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fake gucci belts social security
« on: January 15, 2015, 09:28:34 pm »
individual pay part of the whole into personal accounts. Pay fixed number of  year for 15 years in a row (individual cannot surrender) meet these conditions,  can be in after retirement, get old-age pension by the month. Pension consists  of two parts, part fundamental annuities, roughly within the last year's  provincial administrative regions where pensioners worker is mean monthly 20% of  basic salary, the part paid by society to plan as a whole, the other part is an  individual account annuities, is a person with one over one hundred and twenty  of the amount of total fee. Society as a whole the money in the account, not  belong to a particular person, Buy Gucci Belt to all people in one area (the  size of the area, is the level as a whole, namely each said retirees, as a whole  from the society has a right to receive part of the pension account. Now Gucci  Belt is the highest level of social security of provincial plan as a whole. In  the past the railway, civil aviation, finance and other industries as a whole,  is now into place to plan as a whole) of the money in the individual account,  belongs only to you personally, one to one correspondence. Society as a whole  reflect in all aid sex, individual account reflects the self protection and  incentive. Generally there are two kinds of endowment insurance system in the  world pattern: pay-as-you-go (pay - as - you - go) and full funding  (fullyfunded). Pay-as-you-go, that is,  all working people have to pay, Buy Gucci Belt not for everyone to establish  individual account, the retired people, can get old-age pension, Buy Gucci Belt  retirees to receive pension, not pay to retirees, Buy Gucci Belt that year  on-the-job worker pay endowment insurance. If the working people pay less than  payments (recipients), the corresponding adjustment JiaoFeiLv or pay levels,  maintain basic balance both. In such a system, the endowment insurance system in  the basic no balance of money (Buy Gucci Belt does not rule out individual years  there will be a small surplus). Is typical of this system in the United Sta tes, the United  States takes the form of the social security payroll taxes, raise pension funds,  the burden of employers and employees each half (without employers, their pay  all), 2003 years later, the rate is 6.2% (add up to 12.4%). After retirement,  every month can get old-age pension, and obtain a fixed number of year level  depends on the age, began to collect fees on the factors such as. The United  States in 1935 began to design (OASDI), fake  gucci belts social security system is the cumulative, which is completely  individual account system, peop fake gucci belt le put  their money into personal accounts, retirement, you can receive the principal  and interest. Buy Gucci Belt soon this system have been abandoned, because after  the depression between 1929-1933, the accumulated wealth of old people had  almost wiped out, and the personal account fund, need to have special  organization management, guarantee the value, the American people worried that  these institutions will produce corruption, money is not safe, so quickly into a  pay-as-you-go. American pension system also exist problems, pay-as-you-go  obviously lack of efficiency, the famous example of this is a woman called  (IdaFuller) fleur, she only made a payroll tax of $24.85, Buy Gucci Belt lived  for 99 years, cheap gucci belts for  total of $20897 pension! So, whether to give up pay-as-you-go, instead of  funding, has been in the discussion. Buy Gucci Belt up to now the mainstream  opinion is still adhere to the current system.

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