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Open still wider to the outside world, strengthening the society and people  livelihood and security system; Contain social diversification, replica gucci belt liberalization trend  for strategies and approaches, transform the upper, to restore the party  corrupted image, integrated power system, return to the central control. Second,  netting, break the pattern of economic development to slow down, activate the vitality  of economic development, expand public employment, strengthen the social  security, to maintain its long-term ruling  public base.
 Three, contain middle, ideological space contraction, adjust the Internet  ecosystem, regulation of the intellectuals, the suppression of constitutionalism  and human rights, democracy, such as the spread of universal values in the  unpopular, especially to strengthen the social control and stability, eliminate  all organizational activities.
 The linkage of the 3 measures complement each other, make the power more  efficient clustering, rights owned by the Gucci Replica Belt communist party,  rights owned by the central, right belongs to the general secretary, to defend  the party leading system sustainable not only; Make the economy better service,  gucci belts replica to break through  the pattern of vested interests against corruption, to deepen the reform to  eliminate not adapt and hinder the development of market economy, people  livelihood improvement factor, open to expanding domestic demand and ensure the  quality and quantity of ascension;
 Make more subject to power, society and citizens rely on national government  resources advantages and powerful means, offensive to public opinion, controls  and targeting of speech, the combination of repression under the condition of  market economy of Replica Gucci Belts overall westernization trend, so as to  avoid the subversive mistake. Both emphasize reform, and highlight the  ideological security, whether it is a great efforts to promote the  anti-corruption, or rein in social dissent and repression, both to the attention  of the people livelihood, or foreign strategic adjustment,
 For Sale Gucci Belt era of Replica Gucci Belts political goal has become  increasingly clear, has been increasingly characteristics, and to also become  increasingly clear. This is, in the crucial period of Replica Gucci Belts  transformation into the crossroads, the current leadership to do, to help  building to collapse of the communist party persist, never walk the path of the  downfall of the communist party of the Soviet union. In the old guards are not  quite calm crisis situation, replica gucci belts  by the central committee of the communist party of Replica Gucci Belts and the  supreme leader of the highly centralized, trying to prevent the collapse of the  leadership of the party or the threat from outside enough to shake its leading  position.
 Absolute power could lead to absolute corruption, the communist party of  Replica Gucci Belts on the one hand, to strengthen the commission for discipline  inspection at all levels function as the way, strengthen internal supervision  and restraint, to prevent harm the image of the party solidarity and unity and  pure the internal politics of division and endemic corruption, on the one hand,  and destroy the internal supervision and restriction mechanism, centralized  central, centralized in personal, make the system and mechanism of supervision  and formal; Personalities, objective would be the fate of Replica Gucci Belts  depends on the personal quality, ability, culture and the joys and sorrows, will  also make Replica Gucci Belts has the possibility to follow historical  precedent.


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