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« on: January 11, 2015, 08:58:49 pm »
Net post pictures showed, on both sides of the table, respectively, a  complainant seats and leadership,  a middle-aged man sitting leadership seats on one side of the eyes closed.  Learned, letters and visits is a good, wulong plots of the owner, the plot is  shenmu county limit housing construction project in 2012. Since this year, the  owners to within the time limit stipulated in the contract has not completed  project, infrastructure has not meet the completion requirements, such as eight  reason to refuse to house, part of the owner to the county bureau reflect  problems many times. 17, hundreds of homeowners in shenmu county bureau again.  Through consultation, a dozen owner representative to negotiate with county  related department heads to bureau office. In when it at around 11 am, the  presence of five leadership take turns to speak, but  speech, deputy head of a surnamed lu, turn we found his head against the chair  fell asleep. Attending a owner representative said, a total of more than twenty  people in the home, and very loud, able to go to sleep, deputy head of the  surprised everyone present. The reporter understands, deputy head of bed net  post mentioned named liu tree, current position is the county government  investigator. He said on the phone, I didn't sleep, but in thinking about how to  solve the problem of the masses, there  are dozens of people in the room, I even want to sleep also can not sleep, eye  closure thinking is my habit for many years, I was still in the rub hands, said  is not true that I fell asleep. Then the phone hang up, Gucci Belt reporters  call shows unable to connect again. Shenmu county propaganda department of a  responsible person, after the issue of the posts of shenmu county, the county  government attaches great importance to and related leaders held a special  meeting in the day, and the investigation team, is to inspect the event. After  the central bank to cut interest rates, the yuan against the dollar on the first  day of trading in a big devaluation, but this does not mean the exchange rate  trend reversal, no matter from the short-term interest rate differentials  change, or from the long-term balance of payments and purchasing power parity  (PPP), the currently don't have trend depreciation conditions. On November 27,  the yuan against the dollar price is 6.1320, 34 points on the previous trading  day 6.1354 to rise. On Monday, after a brief devaluation of RMB exchange rate  appreciation has three consecutive trading days, and after eight months.  Affected by the central bank to cut interest rates on Monday, the yuan against  the dollar between price and the spot exchange rate have been devalued, but this  is the result of market instincts, long-term mechanism of the RMB exchange rate  trend judgement is not reversed. Because of the RMB exchange rate flexibility  increases, two-way fluctuation is frequent, shall be deemed to be the new normal  short-term exchange rate fluctuations.
Since this year, the yuan nominal  exchange rate appreciation is limited, but effective exchange rates continue to  rise. According to the bank for international settlements (BIS) data, the RMB  real effective exchange rate (REER) -- that rose 1.50% in October, to 121.57,  nominal effective exchange rate (investigate) of 117.73 in October, both at the  highest level since records began in 1994.

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