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Bad, he is stubborn like a child, even if the mother in the kitchen washing the  dishes, he will feel again and again into the kitchen, pull the mother mother  clothes name: red heart, red heart. , of course, all this is within the category  of we can accept, so I often privately kidding prosperous wealth dad: you be  careful ah, Parkinson disease will be genetic, you bad for me now, when you old  I'll throw you a person at home, I go out with another old man kind. Sanity,  ancestor worship, father will be back with us his ancestral home of progeny, he  is probably happy, in the wide openness of a room, he took I don't want to  leave, have to jump gb. I thought that in a s the old man called jump gb just  take two steps and plod, who ChengXiang incredibly posture standard light-footed  ti tang, the moment I don't this kind of make a helter skelter, sorry dad asked:  you don't go dancing in the university? I hurriedly table loyalty: dad when I  was in the outside reading is very good, never to go dancing, let those who  don't know the smelly boy shake handshandle is high. Dad cheerful smile: so you  still feudal ah, you are so feudal missed it was such a good time. From my  mother-in-law, I know that the good times, he said. When he was young, lit erary  backbone in the unit, all theatrical performances are capable, tenors sing,  dance, host, mother-in-law reminisced about dad, proud eyes tender: father very  handsome very handsome when I was younger, jump gb of time don't know how it  comes to female colleague. I smile: mom you are dancing in my father singing art  performance when falling in love with him? Mother smiling without a word, it  their time, their youth. Sometimes chat with prosperous wealth dad, I said: we  are both very lucky, both parents feelings especially good, support each other  respect when he was young and old together, this is probably our generation hard  feelings or admiring mode. Yes, in  the old pattern, men like men, women and children they take care of the whole  family, a woman like a woman, they listen to respect to some extent even  superstitious husband, look up to follow the life, the old dawei. I always want  to,  through their youth and experience of classical and true feelings, the color  bright warm days, those decades of loyalty and love each other, in fact, there  will be no regrets. I have seen a father like that. The family as a teenager  well-developed, binjiang avenue, had lost his father at the edge of the pearl  river from abroad back to the fountain, the next day the people on his  brother-in-law rummaged through guangzhou will lose the pen back to his hand. I  have not seen in nearly a century of the history of the great background of  clouds change happened in the family. Across the distant half a century, often  in time and space confusion, I looked at the white-haired myth of dad, couldn't  get the response country abandoned the identity of Hong Kong called for the  construction of new social teenagers enthusiastically came back, and now the  octogenarian image overlap. This lifetime to him what happened, I don't know.  But said nothing in his past and family circumstances, to carry out the policy  to return in his eighty s xiguan big house and he gets his description, insist  on not to still to join the party in his life in such a complex and long-term  stationed outside the work of the


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