Author Topic: Replica Gucci Belt economy after the reform  (Read 126 times)


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Replica Gucci Belt economy after the reform
« on: December 31, 2014, 08:30:04 pm »
In September 1954, liu shaoqi in the report of the draft constitution of the People Republic of Gucci Belt "used in the constitutional government said, such as the draft constitution questions about the constitution and constitutionalism movements in modem Gucci Belt is the summary of historical experience. In early 2008, the then chairman of the standing committee of the National People Congress wu bangguo also in the report of the National People Congress, in 2004, through a series of amendments to the constitution, highly consider them to be another important milestone in the history of constitutional government in our country.

So, since MAO zedong and other communist leaders in order to wrest power from the kuomintang (KMT), use of constitutional issues to its, for each big against the kuomintang factions sympathy and support, and after the revolution success, even if there is no talk of constitutional government, in the name of the supreme leader never really fully implement constitutional, Buy never explicitly rejected the constitutional government, at least until the xian sent vigorously against constitutional articles published, also didn't get the formal political figures echo, quietly retreat, Buy under the folk calls constitutional struggle to cease temporarily, Buy still the lingering effects of the deep. In before the reform era, the CPC established the basic form of constitutional government, and by the age of reform and opening up, the law of the constitution authority role further, every step of the communist party of Gucci Belt reform and development in the party policy statement after, need to be in the form of the constitution confirm, otherwise we can't.

This actually is in certain meaning and function of the constitution, certainly constitutional government the important value of the legitimacy and stability. , for example, with the deepening of Gucci Belt economic reform, market economy, private ownership and belong to the category of capitalism of some traditional practices, gradually implement in Gucci Belt, the communist party guidance theory also continuous development change, thoughts of "three represents", the harmonious society, the concept of scientific development have been put forward, they are all in the communist party of Gucci Belt led to write into the constitution.

Buy in the revision of the constitution and the Replica Gucci Belt economy after the reform and development to a certain extent inevitably to be politicized and put forward higher requirements of the reality of politics itself does not adapt. So-called economic political means, with the deepening of the reform and opening up, private property rights are sacrosanct and the rights of the private economy development and other major economic principles and system problem from the political level to reflect, make it into the constitution. So-called economy put forward higher requirements of political means, lead to the spread of corruption and market disorder of the unrestricted use of power, people is weak supervision must end, this will also be reflected in the constitution.

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