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The Obviously she
« on: February 10, 2015, 08:30:48 pm »
Of course there is a person, a meet, beautiful appearance criteria, very  attractive, but a contact, may find its character, the difference between the is  really a shame. If your want to keep clean, had better be away from this kind of  person, of course, if you can, best can save to come over, by the end of the  world to see such opportunity is very slim, because a person for a long time it  is impossible to be the inertia change to come over, sometimes you never know,  there may occasionally successful example. Now low moral has been the fact that  does not dispute. But in the end of the world's eyes, morality is not what  moralists glance at a board box loops, should be consciously abide by a person  should have the obligation, a kind of from the nature of inner desire. Rather  than you have to do, do it just conforms to ethics, natural tianya face these,  also can scold scold. Moralists will follow their code of ethics. Moralists just  don't know, if a person does not abide by the moral, is set to specification  also of no help. Nowadays young people with dye-in-the-wood individual character  is not before the ancients, may want to see after the newcomers. A threatening  can remove stars in the sky, a mad can make the earth collapse dozens of times.  Every thing that about moral is pedantic after all behind, all foreign things,  comply with, all in accordance with their words, it is trend, trend of things  you can change? Can't! Only let the world see the eyes of hair straight,  stunned!
Even if you scold their ass, ****, no head to no avail, in their  eyes had apparently created another rebellious moral ideas. Nature, for young  people all want to show their own distinctive. Do crazy to think about the end  of the world youth, highlight the behavior of individual character to them, of  course, there is no blame. But the end of the world saw the news today, a  fashionable young woman secretly holding the dog get on the car, even the dog  also account for an empty position, came up after a 60 - year - old man was only  embarrassed standing nearby, the young woman turned a blind eye, all the  passengers to see not bottom go to, condemned, the fashionable young women not  only ignored, simply a headset simply listening to the music. Is clearly posed  as a pair of dead pig is not afraid of scalding water cool appearance, this girl  as you say, as not to hear. Don't give up her seat, so you can endure I what.  Foot firm gives people a sense a complete personality, obviously the fashionable  young woman with her head, in the heart thought: the This girl is to let you see  the different personality . If comrade tianya is present, was how crazy again,  in the face of such everyone should abide by the basic moral lack of  personality, is also from sigh. Driver  comrades in their rage, simply stop, asked female passengers to seat to the old  man of the dog. Young woman angrily out of the 2 yuan of money into the cash  box, to give the dog made a seat of money. Apparently in her eye, the dog is  more important than the old, the young woman heart thought: when the The driver  comrades, you don't mind their own business, didn't give the dog to pay two  dollars? I give is, what can you say this time? The Obviously, she thinks she's the world stood at  her side. Others are all meddling, unreasonable. If comrade tianya is the  driver, casual Lin biao,  once called her holding the dog immediately **** off, of course, some people  think that is probably the end of the world such outrage is some too much, just  sometimes deal with such a person, must want to use the method of ingenuity,  reasonable, with her family when you fart, so this recruit, or work in such a  special situation. If the end of the world meet like this young woman, that day  will say to her:

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