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wewi replica gucci belt
« on: June 09, 2015, 10:18:14 pm »
Daily (kunming 2014-04-12) according to yunnan exhibition macro security  service co., LTD., the security guard captain said hong jun fu, three years Li  Taijun have security guards four times, two of them were playing security has  left the company, he also scold by its. Such behavior, it is simply a underworld  gesture.
 For one small thing, so fierce, really too and a host of justice judge  together. Judge the collective whoring after Shanghai event, but also caused  uproar by public opinion. In the video display of the collective good, calm to  let a person how terrible, is this a group of shoulder the sword of justice  judge? Perhaps, these are just some extreme case, it's a pity that some judges  in the actuality, and how many gross things still in the stage.
 We have been told to build a Fake Gucci Belt For rule of law, rule of law  society, we have been in the pursuit of social justice, we are constantly  improve the socialist legal system, we also have a lot of socialist laws, have a  vast legal team. How far away are we from the rule of law, however, is a huge  thing. Only from the perspective of collective whoring with beating the security  problems existing in the current some judges frightening: one is the privilege  of some of the judges thought to perfection, how worthy of pursuit of equality  of rule of law workers identity.
 Are openly whoring is openly repeatedly hit people, its privilege thought is  deeply rooted in the heart, think of themselves as the officer to look at. As a  rule of law workers, originally is to abolish the privilege, the pursuit of  equality, but still so ranking, and how to don't let a person frightening and  concerns. Second, some judges is simply take the law as a tool, not a religion.  For some people, the law is only hand tools to play them, and even become  individuals for private gain tools, the path of corruption, the moral for them  is nothing at all. Fear of the law, respect the law, the first is the legal  person at least belief pursuit,  but some of them became the first destroyer, and how to reveal the law of  dignity and authority.
 Promote the reform of the judicial system reform is the third plenary session  of the significant deployment, localization, security administration is the  general direction, it is also a must. Especially to the direction of the town  government, is not only to the judge to independence, but also to give the judge  in a professional spiritual awakening, don't put yourself when a magistrate, can  do whatever you want.  Must first be yourself a firm muerte. There have been concerns that after the  reform of the judicial system, the management of the legal team how to  implement, how to safeguard their independence at the same time, to effectively  restrict and supervise their discretion, reform is unavoidable and hidden  problems, otherwise, it is a good law, again good reform design, if not a good  team, also can be distorted and damaged.
 The referee, which is really an injustice than uneven for disaster penalized  by many times. , so to speak, to shoulder the blade of justice of the judges,  its image, whether it is a moral, legal, etc are critical, a collective of  prostitution and suddenly and violently dozen guards in silhouette judge, is  unable to let people believe that how many of the bottom of my heart and the  reality of justice, perhaps it's just one, but it is enough to make people fear,  for example, will have a similar, and who, as long as meet would probably be  finished.
 The law probability is always exists, is not a horrible thing. Justice is the  last line of defense of justice, not let any omissions, so to speak. Perhaps in  the myriad of personnel and the case is only one percent, but for the parties,  but one hundred percent of the damage, and how to save? Zero tolerance of team  management, therefore,  is at least the principle of demands. I related log: the 2014-04-11 | officials  why sex scandal always after a fall? The 2014-04-10 | Yao Mugen lok ma start  property declaration of enlightenment! 2014-04-09 | 40 civil servants  officialdom words anxiety:

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