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Former deputy chief engineer and the ministry of railways transport bureau  chief zhang shuguang, mistress is original railway art ensemble singing actor  rolfe. The former deputy minister of public security,  ji-zhou li's mistress Li Shana is used to work in guangzhou city public security  bureau. Tianjin's former attorney general bao-jin li's mistress xiao-mao wang  for taking bribes, the crime of tax evasion, was sentenced to prison for six  years. The original li jiating in yunnan province was sentenced to death for  taking bribes, suspended it for two years, his mistresses for Xu Fuying. Former  vice chairman of the standing committee of National People's Congress (NPC)  cheng kejie was executed for taking was sentenced to death and  deprived of political rights for life, and to confiscate all personal property. 
 Its mistress li ping also was sentenced to life imprisonment. 1995, 33 to  know and become yunnan li jiating mistress, li wei li was found, and as a  mistress to sinopec's then chairman Mr Chen li wei, after Mr Chen is introduced  to the former secretary of municipal party committee of shandong provincial  party committee and former deputy secretary of the Qingdao du, also establish a  close relationship with du, and infiltration of Qingdao real estate.
 At the same time, some officials sex scandal was exposed constantly,  LeiZhengFu,  judges, and so on in Shanghai yan zhao door, margie, video has been on the  public, often challenge limit of the public, serious damage to the party and the  government's image and credibility. And at the social level, a large number of  rich mistresses, mistresses, small three, basic to become a law, even with Mrs  Huotang legally smoothly. If officials of magic is right, then the magic of the  rich's money, and whether it is right or not, or money, or are ultimately falls  to enjoy.
 The fact that another worry is that part of the poor woman, walking at the  edge of the society, and even into the world of mortals, represented by dongguan  campaign, how many women betray youth, betray dignity. Corresponding to this is  that hundreds of millions of migrant workers is far from home, leaving his wife  and children, in the city, the house without a piece of tile, diaphragm and the  city, they even basic sex life was very embarrassing, not guaranteed.
 And we often worry about in rural wife, isn't it is subject to the risk of  infringement. In addition to personal individual differences, the system caused  by the wealth gap is widening, the rights and dignity are constantly widening,  and when some of the basic things can't guarantee, this social confrontation and  fracture, how terrible, is palpable. On the one hand is powerful ceremony,  material; On the other hand is the poor were  dead and dying. On the one hand is to find a wife to worry about the poor, and  even have to worry about the wife; On the other hand is a powerful mistress,  women, and the land, and even worry for how to handle the mistress. About dream,  about happiness, about dignity, reflects the each and every one.
 Close the gap between the exaggerated, return to basic normal, to be a fair  system of justice, let every one of us can fight for a dream, will have the  chance to give prize. The judge's collective whoring with how terrible beating  security? Xinhua net exposure of yunnan kneel to the judge for the parking  problems beating security almost apologising caused wide attention. The reporter  learns from yunnan province higher people's court, the attacker Li Taijun for  civil trial in the second division vice President, yunnan high court has  established a team composed of discipline inspection department investigating,  during the period of investigation, frame for Li Taijun suspended treatment  decisions


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