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the sea do? Party's website this morning sun is investigated in violation of  the provisions of eight transcripts in anhui province, this paper say a year,  more than 100 cadres only fill in information about 300000 homes. After the news  was reproduced triggered heated debate on the net, the journalists went to  press, the existing more than 33000 comments. A netizen: 0.3 per set? Officials  are social? (legal evening news, 2014-04-20), according to published reports  since last march, anhui provincial discipline inspection organs at all levels to  carry out the 5 special projects, party members and cadres in the whole province  has carried out more special cleaning for housing and construction problems. 
 So far,  the province's 1035775 cadres were filled with more than 30 sets of real estate  information. For 1 million cadres, according to the 300000 homes triggered  widespread Internet debate. Some netizens said, our per capita was high, their  low per capita, suggested to their homes, the three leaders huddled together to  live more than bad. About the data, whether accurate? Until now, there is not an  official authority, however, only from the point of the data provided by means  of this, indeed reveal the secrets of several aspects: first, how many officials  in Replica Gucci Belts? How many staff?
  It really makes people confused. From anhui fill in the number of cadres, a  province had 1 million officials, the country has more than 30 provinces, then  this just is the real Numbers? Only according to the data in anhui, the country  is at least tens of millions of officials of the cadres. Can be in accordance  with the people club department civil service bureau of statistics, civil  servants in Replica Gucci Belts is only about 7 million people. So, in this huge  contrast? This number is not an authoritative, accurate statistics? Second, the  data about 300000 homes, actually come from? Is derived from officials property  declaration, or special housing inventory self-reported. If 1 million cadres  from the inspection, so it's difficult to say that 300000 homes.
  And if the leading cadre's personal items to declare,  you should only place class over the leading cadres to declare, so how much  above place class cadres in anhui province, there are 300000 people? The data  itself are very confused, local authorities should be given. Third, common  official family problems, is assuming that the 300000 homes are accurate, there  is no water.  It can lead to two more terrible problem: one is the official family is quite  common, the proportion of the husband and wife and children as local official is  quite high, so can share a suite, 3 also is true for a suite. The second is the  proportion of young officials is high, they may not have their own property, but  parents house, or rent a house, but it requires a very high proportion.
 Data falsification and imagined also nots allow to ignore. Today, the  official in the summary results, or that problem, often is to use data to talk,  but I don't know whether the data true and accurate, whether to stand up to  scrutiny, I'm afraid there is no serious consideration, take the data, there  obviously exist some loopholes, even the data might be imagined, there is no  serious to fill in, statistics, that caused the netizen onlookers and ridicule.  So, what is truth? Also need to be explained further.
 Such as what is the source of these data? Specific point to what? After  officials why total sex scandal in the lok ma? The central commission for  discipline inspection supervision website on April 9, said in a news release,  sichuan province,  chairman of the federation of the former Guo Yongxiang because of accepting huge  bribes, moral and other serious disciplinary violations, and was expelled from  office. At the same time the inspection in accordance with the law to initiate  an investigation.


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