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the Don't take ignorance when individual character . Yin flourishes while Yang  declines over the TV ads Tianya recently saw a TV show, is to see feeling a  little meaning, suddenly halfway back a bit king cheng, advertising master  arrived, all of a sudden he give interrupted the original plot. Change channels  to see again, full screen beauty to let you see, and is a pretty girl of the  penetrating eyes shine like baby tender skin, clear water lotus, tianya also  don't know what to use words to describe. Like a Chinese beauty of the earth are  gathered together and came to shoot TV advertisement. Big hinder a friend  suffered this sin, will hate anger in my heart for this AD. That was a good  mood, suddenly didn't, want to go to that kind of feeling is. China has a  saying: content with rare for expensive. Like such a beauty, meet the first  time, feel a little fresh, involuntary attract the attention of the audience,  and stay one day all over the screen beauty, fresh audience also was done not  have, as you are naked, lulu, such as soft as a baby's skin, sit in the bath plate like Yang to  take a bath, also have no interest. This television advertising should be  television commercial operation, Yu Tianya how close, again how the world is  just like the ordinary audience. As viewers, big deal from then on don't look at  this stage is anymore. Less natural tianya an audience, is nothing, only if you don't  consider the feelings of the audience a television, let everyone feel bored, are  no good end, like a person, if make enemies everywhere, the end is very sad.  Nature, in this materialistic society, in reality there are a few people can  escape? Television advertising is very normal business operation, no  advertising, it is not what TV  station. Tianya primary school as a child as before, no television in the home,  run to the other a group of people around to see, after an episode of TV  watching, is even advertising. But the end of the world memory always is bad,  the content of the ads have forgot. Anyway, also won't complain about what,  naturally there is a relationship, for at that time, feel fresh, television  channels is also a reason. Natural mostly is just around the corner for a  television station that advertising money into the pockets to say again first,  ratings decline, after waiting for, to find a way to again. Anyway, later this  abacus is playing smart, but often the result is very bad. There is a problem,  but we don't have to come when advertising is anathema to even aside, if found  an interesting phenomenon, the proportion of male advertising greatly lower than  that of female friends. In addition to see a few familiar male faces, the rest  are also has the capacity of America laguna, beautiful and moving, skin  exquisite appearance, as if specially stink man's soul. Whenever these beautiful  women in the wrong time and like a ghost out from the air, then according to the  remote control, Bang Switched off.


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