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General Discussion / the biggest risk
« Last post by mbtning on January 16, 2016, 08:12:10 pm »
replica gucci belts stock market began to rebound retaliatory really about  market trends, is still an international investment bank and its experts, as  local experts, whether bullish or bearish, very few people come up with  convincing Data to be demonstrated to their point of view, basically thinks, Fake Ferragamo Belt professional  standards are not recognized by the market and management, so that the right to  speak naturally monopolized by international investment banks. This is  overheated than the current stock market is even more worrying for replica gucci  belts national economic security is bound to cause great negative impact. I  always stress out of the Argument Between replica ferragamo belt stock market  bubble, bubble battle obscures the real problem lies replica gucci belts stock  market. It should be said, the biggest risk is  that investors in the replica ferragamo belt stock market is not mature, the  stock market is not overheated, and that the stock market right to speak real  investors lack confidence in the regulatory capacity of regulators, as well as  the lack of local institutions and experts in capabilities and lead to a  sidelined. Investors immaturity is not terrible, the market rules of the game  will make its rapid growth, but if investors lack confidence in the regulators,  the long-term development of the stock market is obviously very difficult to  protect. We see that when the Commissio n suspected  insider trading Hangxiao executives to open a ticket, the market has to be the  reaction of the three stock limit, the black humor is no doubt that the  Commission embarrassment. Meanwhile, under the policy level regulators have yet  to improve the situation, the right to speak to the replica ferragamo belt stock  market is at stake, which is replica gucci belts policy to protect the financial  security and premise, if the final was dominated by international investment  bank, replica gucci belts stock market decolonization the situation will be  formed, the stock pricing will also be swayed by the international investment  bank, which is obviously causing a great impact on replica gucci belts Economic  Security Council. For now, stock market security undoubtedly have a decisive  influence on our national economic security. Maintain security stocks and avoid  the spike, and no responsible government should have the responsibility, and key  government maintain security stocks is to develop the right public policy. For  the current situation of replica gucci belts stock market is concerned, the  policy of management to take next depends entirely on the situation correctly  judged, but the management of the international investment bank above remarks  when judged the sustenance of the situation, which means the replica ferragamo  belt government on the stock market policy has been international investment  banks are around, so that the direction of replica gucci belts stock selection  and policy orientation on the basic but rhetoric international investment bank  is looking, the right to speak and pricing of as Replica Louis Vuitton Belts sets is  substantially international investment bank controlled by, will become an  international investment bank to capture the government, forcing the replica  ferragamo belt government issued a favorable situation to its public policy,  policy grab profits, replica gucci belts stock market will really become an  international investment bank to carve up replica gucci belts economic growth  and prosperity and luxury feast. (Southern Metropolis Daily Economic person  maguangyuan column) lead brother was arrested, to the natural order of the stock  market has been formed impact is obvious, some of the little known rivers and  lakes blog or announce arrest or declaration is no longer recommended stocks.
General Discussion / Cheap Versace Belts greater concern is the view
« Last post by mbtning on January 16, 2016, 08:05:29 pm »
Some have huge economic interests in the international investment bank replica  designer belts Federation of replica ferragamo belt stock market's future make a  surprise judgment, in the collective bad-mouthing replica ferragamo belt stocks,  while also bargain Xihuo , secretly Jiancang, so-called short not sing the air,  and reap huge profits, which seems to be true roadmap international investment  banks to invest in replica designer belts. Since replica gucci belts stock  market out of the four-year long Xiongtu, and broke the historical high of 2245  points on the international investment bank on the replica ferragamo belt stock  market bubble heard, after Morgan Stanley analyst Andy Xie, former chief,  Rogers shouting bubble, Goldman Sachs, Switzerland Strategy Report and other  international investment bank Credit Suisse First on the stock market bubble  also put forward their own insight, the British Financial Times described as  replica gucci belts stock market even an outright scam and pet type boat at any  time the Titanic sank, and sometimes paranoia . In sharp contrast, those  institutions have repeatedly urged the replica ferragamo belt management QFII  quota increase, the amount of control the practice criticized big plus. It  should be said, on the stock market judged each may have different views, but  say one thing and do another, the overall impression that people with ulterior  motives, the international investment bank now firmly bearish A shares, why not  lighten up or even take profits? This said, the practice of self-contradictory,  it had to ponder international investment bank team replica ferragamo belt stock  market judgment neutrality and notarized. Of Cheap Versace Belts greater concern  is the view of the international investment bank, in replica gucci belts Replica Louis Vuitton Belts stock  market authority really should not be underestimated, there are thousands of  points away and reinvent the wheel on the theory, once rare for replica gucci  belts stock market fell 998 points, some of the company's shares below the net  assets, destruction is quite substantial. With respect to the international  investment bank or an international investment banking background of experts,  the replica ferragamo belt mainland's investment bank and expert or in  connection with the interests of the stock market inextricably lead to the  credibility of decline, or because of the limited level, impact on the market  and the international investment bank can not be on the same day terms. Such a  policy monopoly formed international investment bank, on  the one hand due to its huge capabilities and team, relative to domestic  investment bank replica designer belts, the absolute superiority of its  capability is difficult to shake, on the other hand, local experts and  investment banks replica ferragamo belt stock market's credibility is very low,  Li Yining and other family riches hard to believe that it would stand to speak  objective and fair stance, coupled with the limited level, Xueyibujing,  affecting their comments on the market is unlikely. You can look at, since the  end of 2005
General Discussion / in the entertainment
« Last post by mbtning on September 10, 2015, 10:29:53 pm »
In Replica Belts, at present, it can have a place in the world film director  a few, such as zhang yimou and Chen kaige, feng xiaogang, John woo, their fame  in Replica Belts, so to speak, in the world is big, director of the film they  can produce certain effect, but the master can't smooth by several famous film  can be a master, he needs a tolerance for solitude, in theory, the development  of Belt Replica film and individual character to take account of the  comprehensive factors, such as several times with the contemporary Belt Replica  famous director, they in addition to the film itself, is not enough qualified to  be a master, because they are not lonely. Second, in the  entertainment industry become a **** profession, the director, there is a big  responsibility.
 A everyone knows the hidden rules of Belt Replica entertainment industry: if  you want to learn, to master sleep first. Illustrates the entertainment of the  so-called star now, it should be said that a lot of experience in hidden rule,  to become a star from South Korea star revealed the cause of suicide, south  Korean stars have undergone a unwritten rules, hostess, accompany eat, accompany  sleep is necessary for the star power, no matter you are more than the red star,  must will escort, and all want to escort, from the Internet's famous hostess  photos of entertainment, the entertainment industry is indeed a ****, but the  director should have unshirkable responsibility, that want to sleep with the  master of the master must include directors, including the famous director, we  some of our famous director to love affair shows our director does not claim to  be clean.
 Such director no dare called master. Third, Replica Belts's film industry is  still at the development stage, standing in the point of view, Replica Belts's  film industry is still very small. In today's world, Replica Belts's movie  actually not much weight, not film has great gap with the United States, even in  Britain, France, Italy and other western countries have many gap, even compared  to India's gap is not small, and even South Korea movie in Replica Belts on the  earth is Korea continuously all day. So inconspicuous Belt Replica film world,  where there is the identity of the master.
 So, the director of Replica Belts said that Replica Belts has no master,  master, but also dare not say, in fact shows they have self-knowledge, for their  own evaluation is relevant. More expensive than meat, and vegetables in the  environment of market economy, Cheap  Fendi Belts it is not myth, but a fact. Suddenly sprung up in the first half  of this year, green beans, garlic, prices soared, overnight, the prices of the  agricultural and sideline products from each weight yuan to 12 yuan per  kilogram, then new garlic, although the government interference, prices fell  back, however, when farmers new garlic just sold out, after entering the market,  the price of garlic has soared, the price again to reach 12 yuan per kilogram,  mung bean prices also rose to more than 12 yuan per kilogram, in the process of  the agricultural product prices, ginger also joined up, people call this kind of  circumstance to amuse you play you malicious ginger, garlic.
General Discussion / Fake Fendi Belt Once you break the bottom
« Last post by mbtning on September 10, 2015, 10:28:34 pm »
namely unemployment phenomenon is increasingly serious, graduation, Sir Zhong  is a chick for earned income of a good job; Third is the influence of the social  evils. In today's society, this kind of phenomenon is quite common, already  deeply into every corner of the society, the campus, was already not the ivory  tower, Fake Fendi Belt Once you break  the bottom line of the audience, the audience can abandon you, and no mercy, let  your line of sight from the audience, let you never recover, because after you  go, I don't know how many amusing comedian in waiting.
  Third, the comedian viewpoint of the rule of law is weak. Guo degang you  with what public land grabs, celebrity is great are you? Do you have something?  In Replica Belts, everyone must act within the bounds of the law, how much more  you just an artist, you don't have the power to turn things around, you must  apply the law, because he does not read many books, and in the network and the  media hype red moment, when the thought is superior, must not know, then the  master must also be within the law to play games.
 Four is the comedian don't understand the hidden rules of arm twisting but  the thigh. These famous comedian, must rely on the Internet or the media,  leaving the network and the media, and great comedian, is between artists and  awareness will not very high, so the comedian to want to be famous or well known  for a long time, needs good relations, and the network and the media in today's  people are becoming more and more inseparable from the network and the media, to  want to be famous or famous comedian for a long time, you can't offend network  and media, otherwise, you don't have good fruit to eat, because the network and  media call you red you, call you black shadow from now on, say you work is  popular, is popular, say you work is vulgar, I'm sorry, your work has been  rolled away, because your work is not suitable for the requirements of Replica  Belts's socialist spiritual civilization construction, will comprehensively kill  you, you from now on not the market, you go alone happy.
 Guo degang, are you still fighting with television, reporter  stroppy, and your arm is still small. The so-called Devon community to shutter  its operations for this time, guo degang, perhaps is aware of it. More than just  his personal opinion, what is wrong, please readers criticism, if so we have  sinned against four comedian also burke, please!
  Famous director feng xiaogang said Replica Belts has not master, the  entertainment industry is a ****, John woo also said a few days ago not to  master, and said that the master was very lonely, the Belt Replica film still  need to try to find a higher realm. More than two directors are famous  contemporary Replica Belts masters said, why is this? Does Replica Belts really  didn't have a master? Tintin, consider two directors actually have this kind of  view is very profound truth, why are they revealed the current directors have no  master. First of all, the master's character is not light with fame and can  become the master.
General Discussion / wksiei gucci belt fake
« Last post by mbtning on June 09, 2015, 10:19:49 pm »
the sea do? Party's website this morning sun is investigated in violation of  the provisions of eight transcripts in anhui province, this paper say a year,  more than 100 cadres only fill in information about 300000 homes. After the news  was reproduced triggered heated debate on the net, the journalists went to  press, the existing more than 33000 comments. A netizen: 0.3 per set? Officials  are social? (legal evening news, 2014-04-20), according to published reports  since last march, anhui provincial discipline inspection organs at all levels to  carry out the 5 special projects, party members and cadres in the whole province  has carried out more special cleaning for housing and construction problems. 
 So far,  the province's 1035775 cadres were filled with more than 30 sets of real estate  information. For 1 million cadres, according to the 300000 homes triggered  widespread Internet debate. Some netizens said, our per capita was high, their  low per capita, suggested to their homes, the three leaders huddled together to  live more than bad. About the data, whether accurate? Until now, there is not an  official authority, however, only from the point of the data provided by means  of this, indeed reveal the secrets of several aspects: first, how many officials  in Replica Gucci Belts? How many staff?
  It really makes people confused. From anhui fill in the number of cadres, a  province had 1 million officials, the country has more than 30 provinces, then  this just is the real Numbers? Only according to the data in anhui, the country  is at least tens of millions of officials of the cadres. Can be in accordance  with the people club department civil service bureau of statistics, civil  servants in Replica Gucci Belts is only about 7 million people. So, in this huge  contrast? This number is not an authoritative, accurate statistics? Second, the  data about 300000 homes, actually come from? Is derived from officials property  declaration, or special housing inventory self-reported. If 1 million cadres  from the inspection, so it's difficult to say that 300000 homes.
  And if the leading cadre's personal items to declare,  you should only place class over the leading cadres to declare, so how much  above place class cadres in anhui province, there are 300000 people? The data  itself are very confused, local authorities should be given. Third, common  official family problems, is assuming that the 300000 homes are accurate, there  is no water.  It can lead to two more terrible problem: one is the official family is quite  common, the proportion of the husband and wife and children as local official is  quite high, so can share a suite, 3 also is true for a suite. The second is the  proportion of young officials is high, they may not have their own property, but  parents house, or rent a house, but it requires a very high proportion.
 Data falsification and imagined also nots allow to ignore. Today, the  official in the summary results, or that problem, often is to use data to talk,  but I don't know whether the data true and accurate, whether to stand up to  scrutiny, I'm afraid there is no serious consideration, take the data, there  obviously exist some loopholes, even the data might be imagined, there is no  serious to fill in, statistics, that caused the netizen onlookers and ridicule.  So, what is truth? Also need to be explained further.
 Such as what is the source of these data? Specific point to what? After  officials why total sex scandal in the lok ma? The central commission for  discipline inspection supervision website on April 9, said in a news release,  sichuan province,  chairman of the federation of the former Guo Yongxiang because of accepting huge  bribes, moral and other serious disciplinary violations, and was expelled from  office. At the same time the inspection in accordance with the law to initiate  an investigation.
General Discussion / wewi replica gucci belt
« Last post by mbtning on June 09, 2015, 10:18:14 pm »
Daily (kunming 2014-04-12) according to yunnan exhibition macro security  service co., LTD., the security guard captain said hong jun fu, three years Li  Taijun have security guards four times, two of them were playing security has  left the company, he also scold by its. Such behavior, it is simply a underworld  gesture.
 For one small thing, so fierce, really too and a host of justice judge  together. Judge the collective whoring after Shanghai event, but also caused  uproar by public opinion. In the video display of the collective good, calm to  let a person how terrible, is this a group of shoulder the sword of justice  judge? Perhaps, these are just some extreme case, it's a pity that some judges  in the actuality, and how many gross things still in the stage.
 We have been told to build a Fake Gucci Belt For rule of law, rule of law  society, we have been in the pursuit of social justice, we are constantly  improve the socialist legal system, we also have a lot of socialist laws, have a  vast legal team. How far away are we from the rule of law, however, is a huge  thing. Only from the perspective of collective whoring with beating the security  problems existing in the current some judges frightening: one is the privilege  of some of the judges thought to perfection, how worthy of pursuit of equality  of rule of law workers identity.
 Are openly whoring is openly repeatedly hit people, its privilege thought is  deeply rooted in the heart, think of themselves as the officer to look at. As a  rule of law workers, originally is to abolish the privilege, the pursuit of  equality, but still so ranking, and how to don't let a person frightening and  concerns. Second, some judges is simply take the law as a tool, not a religion.  For some people, the law is only hand tools to play them, and even become  individuals for private gain tools, the path of corruption, the moral for them  is nothing at all. Fear of the law, respect the law, the first is the legal  person at least belief pursuit,  but some of them became the first destroyer, and how to reveal the law of  dignity and authority.
 Promote the reform of the judicial system reform is the third plenary session  of the significant deployment, localization, security administration is the  general direction, it is also a must. Especially to the direction of the town  government, is not only to the judge to independence, but also to give the judge  in a professional spiritual awakening, don't put yourself when a magistrate, can  do whatever you want.  Must first be yourself a firm muerte. There have been concerns that after the  reform of the judicial system, the management of the legal team how to  implement, how to safeguard their independence at the same time, to effectively  restrict and supervise their discretion, reform is unavoidable and hidden  problems, otherwise, it is a good law, again good reform design, if not a good  team, also can be distorted and damaged.
 The referee, which is really an injustice than uneven for disaster penalized  by many times. , so to speak, to shoulder the blade of justice of the judges,  its image, whether it is a moral, legal, etc are critical, a collective of  prostitution and suddenly and violently dozen guards in silhouette judge, is  unable to let people believe that how many of the bottom of my heart and the  reality of justice, perhaps it's just one, but it is enough to make people fear,  for example, will have a similar, and who, as long as meet would probably be  finished.
 The law probability is always exists, is not a horrible thing. Justice is the  last line of defense of justice, not let any omissions, so to speak. Perhaps in  the myriad of personnel and the case is only one percent, but for the parties,  but one hundred percent of the damage, and how to save? Zero tolerance of team  management, therefore,  is at least the principle of demands. I related log: the 2014-04-11 | officials  why sex scandal always after a fall? The 2014-04-10 | Yao Mugen lok ma start  property declaration of enlightenment! 2014-04-09 | 40 civil servants  officialdom words anxiety:
General Discussion / wjsej fake gucci belt
« Last post by mbtning on June 09, 2015, 10:15:59 pm »
Former deputy chief engineer and the ministry of railways transport bureau  chief zhang shuguang, mistress is original railway art ensemble singing actor  rolfe. The former deputy minister of public security,  ji-zhou li's mistress Li Shana is used to work in guangzhou city public security  bureau. Tianjin's former attorney general bao-jin li's mistress xiao-mao wang  for taking bribes, the crime of tax evasion, was sentenced to prison for six  years. The original li jiating in yunnan province was sentenced to death for  taking bribes, suspended it for two years, his mistresses for Xu Fuying. Former  vice chairman of the standing committee of National People's Congress (NPC)  cheng kejie was executed for taking was sentenced to death and  deprived of political rights for life, and to confiscate all personal property. 
 Its mistress li ping also was sentenced to life imprisonment. 1995, 33 to  know and become yunnan li jiating mistress, li wei li was found, and as a  mistress to sinopec's then chairman Mr Chen li wei, after Mr Chen is introduced  to the former secretary of municipal party committee of shandong provincial  party committee and former deputy secretary of the Qingdao du, also establish a  close relationship with du, and infiltration of Qingdao real estate.
 At the same time, some officials sex scandal was exposed constantly,  LeiZhengFu,  judges, and so on in Shanghai yan zhao door, margie, video has been on the  public, often challenge limit of the public, serious damage to the party and the  government's image and credibility. And at the social level, a large number of  rich mistresses, mistresses, small three, basic to become a law, even with Mrs  Huotang legally smoothly. If officials of magic is right, then the magic of the  rich's money, and whether it is right or not, or money, or are ultimately falls  to enjoy.
 The fact that another worry is that part of the poor woman, walking at the  edge of the society, and even into the world of mortals, represented by dongguan  campaign, how many women betray youth, betray dignity. Corresponding to this is  that hundreds of millions of migrant workers is far from home, leaving his wife  and children, in the city, the house without a piece of tile, diaphragm and the  city, they even basic sex life was very embarrassing, not guaranteed.
 And we often worry about in rural wife, isn't it is subject to the risk of  infringement. In addition to personal individual differences, the system caused  by the wealth gap is widening, the rights and dignity are constantly widening,  and when some of the basic things can't guarantee, this social confrontation and  fracture, how terrible, is palpable. On the one hand is powerful ceremony,  material; On the other hand is the poor were  dead and dying. On the one hand is to find a wife to worry about the poor, and  even have to worry about the wife; On the other hand is a powerful mistress,  women, and the land, and even worry for how to handle the mistress. About dream,  about happiness, about dignity, reflects the each and every one.
 Close the gap between the exaggerated, return to basic normal, to be a fair  system of justice, let every one of us can fight for a dream, will have the  chance to give prize. The judge's collective whoring with how terrible beating  security? Xinhua net exposure of yunnan kneel to the judge for the parking  problems beating security almost apologising caused wide attention. The reporter  learns from yunnan province higher people's court, the attacker Li Taijun for  civil trial in the second division vice President, yunnan high court has  established a team composed of discipline inspection department investigating,  during the period of investigation, frame for Li Taijun suspended treatment  decisions
General Discussion / sit in the bath
« Last post by mbtning on February 10, 2015, 08:32:16 pm »
the Don't take ignorance when individual character . Yin flourishes while Yang  declines over the TV ads Tianya recently saw a TV show, is to see feeling a  little meaning, suddenly halfway back a bit king cheng, advertising master  arrived, all of a sudden he give interrupted the original plot. Change channels  to see again, full screen beauty to let you see, and is a pretty girl of the  penetrating eyes shine like baby tender skin, clear water lotus, tianya also  don't know what to use words to describe. Like a Chinese beauty of the earth are  gathered together and came to shoot TV advertisement. Big hinder a friend  suffered this sin, will hate anger in my heart for this AD. That was a good  mood, suddenly didn't, want to go to that kind of feeling is. China has a  saying: content with rare for expensive. Like such a beauty, meet the first  time, feel a little fresh, involuntary attract the attention of the audience,  and stay one day all over the screen beauty, fresh audience also was done not  have, as you are naked, lulu, such as soft as a baby's skin, sit in the bath plate like Yang to  take a bath, also have no interest. This television advertising should be  television commercial operation, Yu Tianya how close, again how the world is  just like the ordinary audience. As viewers, big deal from then on don't look at  this stage is anymore. Less natural tianya an audience, is nothing, only if you don't  consider the feelings of the audience a television, let everyone feel bored, are  no good end, like a person, if make enemies everywhere, the end is very sad.  Nature, in this materialistic society, in reality there are a few people can  escape? Television advertising is very normal business operation, no  advertising, it is not what TV  station. Tianya primary school as a child as before, no television in the home,  run to the other a group of people around to see, after an episode of TV  watching, is even advertising. But the end of the world memory always is bad,  the content of the ads have forgot. Anyway, also won't complain about what,  naturally there is a relationship, for at that time, feel fresh, television  channels is also a reason. Natural mostly is just around the corner for a  television station that advertising money into the pockets to say again first,  ratings decline, after waiting for, to find a way to again. Anyway, later this  abacus is playing smart, but often the result is very bad. There is a problem,  but we don't have to come when advertising is anathema to even aside, if found  an interesting phenomenon, the proportion of male advertising greatly lower than  that of female friends. In addition to see a few familiar male faces, the rest  are also has the capacity of America laguna, beautiful and moving, skin  exquisite appearance, as if specially stink man's soul. Whenever these beautiful  women in the wrong time and like a ghost out from the air, then according to the  remote control, Bang Switched off.
General Discussion / The Obviously she
« Last post by mbtning on February 10, 2015, 08:30:48 pm »
Of course there is a person, a meet, beautiful appearance criteria, very  attractive, but a contact, may find its character, the difference between the is  really a shame. If your want to keep clean, had better be away from this kind of  person, of course, if you can, best can save to come over, by the end of the  world to see such opportunity is very slim, because a person for a long time it  is impossible to be the inertia change to come over, sometimes you never know,  there may occasionally successful example. Now low moral has been the fact that  does not dispute. But in the end of the world's eyes, morality is not what  moralists glance at a board box loops, should be consciously abide by a person  should have the obligation, a kind of from the nature of inner desire. Rather  than you have to do, do it just conforms to ethics, natural tianya face these,  also can scold scold. Moralists will follow their code of ethics. Moralists just  don't know, if a person does not abide by the moral, is set to specification  also of no help. Nowadays young people with dye-in-the-wood individual character  is not before the ancients, may want to see after the newcomers. A threatening  can remove stars in the sky, a mad can make the earth collapse dozens of times.  Every thing that about moral is pedantic after all behind, all foreign things,  comply with, all in accordance with their words, it is trend, trend of things  you can change? Can't! Only let the world see the eyes of hair straight,  stunned!
Even if you scold their ass, ****, no head to no avail, in their  eyes had apparently created another rebellious moral ideas. Nature, for young  people all want to show their own distinctive. Do crazy to think about the end  of the world youth, highlight the behavior of individual character to them, of  course, there is no blame. But the end of the world saw the news today, a  fashionable young woman secretly holding the dog get on the car, even the dog  also account for an empty position, came up after a 60 - year - old man was only  embarrassed standing nearby, the young woman turned a blind eye, all the  passengers to see not bottom go to, condemned, the fashionable young women not  only ignored, simply a headset simply listening to the music. Is clearly posed  as a pair of dead pig is not afraid of scalding water cool appearance, this girl  as you say, as not to hear. Don't give up her seat, so you can endure I what.  Foot firm gives people a sense a complete personality, obviously the fashionable  young woman with her head, in the heart thought: the This girl is to let you see  the different personality . If comrade tianya is present, was how crazy again,  in the face of such everyone should abide by the basic moral lack of  personality, is also from sigh. Driver  comrades in their rage, simply stop, asked female passengers to seat to the old  man of the dog. Young woman angrily out of the 2 yuan of money into the cash  box, to give the dog made a seat of money. Apparently in her eye, the dog is  more important than the old, the young woman heart thought: when the The driver  comrades, you don't mind their own business, didn't give the dog to pay two  dollars? I give is, what can you say this time? The Obviously, she thinks she's the world stood at  her side. Others are all meddling, unreasonable. If comrade tianya is the  driver, casual Lin biao,  once called her holding the dog immediately **** off, of course, some people  think that is probably the end of the world such outrage is some too much, just  sometimes deal with such a person, must want to use the method of ingenuity,  reasonable, with her family when you fart, so this recruit, or work in such a  special situation. If the end of the world meet like this young woman, that day  will say to her:
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individual pay part of the whole into personal accounts. Pay fixed number of  year for 15 years in a row (individual cannot surrender) meet these conditions,  can be in after retirement, get old-age pension by the month. Pension consists  of two parts, part fundamental annuities, roughly within the last year's  provincial administrative regions where pensioners worker is mean monthly 20% of  basic salary, the part paid by society to plan as a whole, the other part is an  individual account annuities, is a person with one over one hundred and twenty  of the amount of total fee. Society as a whole the money in the account, not  belong to a particular person, Buy Gucci Belt to all people in one area (the  size of the area, is the level as a whole, namely each said retirees, as a whole  from the society has a right to receive part of the pension account. Now Gucci  Belt is the highest level of social security of provincial plan as a whole. In  the past the railway, civil aviation, finance and other industries as a whole,  is now into place to plan as a whole) of the money in the individual account,  belongs only to you personally, one to one correspondence. Society as a whole  reflect in all aid sex, individual account reflects the self protection and  incentive. Generally there are two kinds of endowment insurance system in the  world pattern: pay-as-you-go (pay - as - you - go) and full funding  (fullyfunded). Pay-as-you-go, that is,  all working people have to pay, Buy Gucci Belt not for everyone to establish  individual account, the retired people, can get old-age pension, Buy Gucci Belt  retirees to receive pension, not pay to retirees, Buy Gucci Belt that year  on-the-job worker pay endowment insurance. If the working people pay less than  payments (recipients), the corresponding adjustment JiaoFeiLv or pay levels,  maintain basic balance both. In such a system, the endowment insurance system in  the basic no balance of money (Buy Gucci Belt does not rule out individual years  there will be a small surplus). Is typical of this system in the United Sta tes, the United  States takes the form of the social security payroll taxes, raise pension funds,  the burden of employers and employees each half (without employers, their pay  all), 2003 years later, the rate is 6.2% (add up to 12.4%). After retirement,  every month can get old-age pension, and obtain a fixed number of year level  depends on the age, began to collect fees on the factors such as. The United  States in 1935 began to design (OASDI), fake  gucci belts social security system is the cumulative, which is completely  individual account system, peop fake gucci belt le put  their money into personal accounts, retirement, you can receive the principal  and interest. Buy Gucci Belt soon this system have been abandoned, because after  the depression between 1929-1933, the accumulated wealth of old people had  almost wiped out, and the personal account fund, need to have special  organization management, guarantee the value, the American people worried that  these institutions will produce corruption, money is not safe, so quickly into a  pay-as-you-go. American pension system also exist problems, pay-as-you-go  obviously lack of efficiency, the famous example of this is a woman called  (IdaFuller) fleur, she only made a payroll tax of $24.85, Buy Gucci Belt lived  for 99 years, cheap gucci belts for  total of $20897 pension! So, whether to give up pay-as-you-go, instead of  funding, has been in the discussion. Buy Gucci Belt up to now the mainstream  opinion is still adhere to the current system.
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